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Then the seventh angel blew his trumpet, and there were loud voices in heaven, saying, “The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he shall reign forever and ever.”  REV 11:15 ESV


Josh and Latoshia Caldwell

Josh and Latoshia have great passion for GOD, people, and life! Josh has been in ministry for nearly 15 years seeing the lives of many forever marked by GOD’s Glory. He wants to amplify JESUS by introducing the culture of the world into a counter culture called the Kingdom.


Josh loves people and desires deeply to see them grasp all their potential for the Kingdom, by equipping sons and daughters to reach beyond who religion said they were.


Josh and Latoshia pray you will experience a service relevant to your life. Regardless of what you are facing, GOD has a plan and an answer for your life.

Josh and Latoshia

with their children


       & Sydney


      & Meagan


      &  Angel

Kingdom Kids


Kingdom Students



Pray for Josh and Latoshia, the team, and church as we move forward on our knees.

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We all have those intense moments where GOD breathes a thing into your life. I had one of those moments just a few months ago. For some time now we have felt GOD stirring a ministry change in us, and not long ago HE stirred a dream in me. It was one of those Glorious services that not many understand, but just know that things are shifting by power of HOLY SPIRIT. Some point during the Glory waves pounding our sanctuary, I laid on the floor for nearly 45 minutes and heard ABBA whisper these words’ “revival epicenter.” I thought I knew what it meant until I looked it up. Prior to hearing this word, I had just released some prophetic decrees into the atmosphere about launching deeper and shifting things in the deep,
causing spiritual tsunamis to cover the shore. I had heard before about the making of a tsunami in the natural, usually caused by an earthquake in a deep place. After hearing revival epicenter, I looked up the meaning of it. My mind was blown when I discovered an epicenter is the place on the Earth’s surface just above where an earthquake is happening. That day I felt we were supposed to launch a revival epicenter. After much prayer and unction of HOLY SPIRIT, we launched a church in Northwest Arkansas March of 2018!

- Josh Caldwell

Northwest Arkansas Epicenter

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A few originals from Sydney Hope High

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